Improved Parking Options at Co-op

Hello dear customers and community members! As most of you know, the fire department began construction, or rather demolition, and we’ve had a lot of questions about the parking situation. Our lot on the other side of 5th Avenue, bumping up against Main St, is still your best bet, and has in fact been scraped […]




CALLING ALL CO-OP FREAKS!   You know who you are.  You travel the country to see nature’s wonders and old friends, with an eye out for pockets of alternative community and the local natural food store or restaurant.  And when a Co-op blips your radar, especially a small true-to-their-roots one, there is no question your paths […]

The best thing you can do is be a part of it

THANK YOU for your support so far in our fundraiser to celebrate our fifth year and help us have many more. I’m writing this from my volunteer shift at the co-op. I love volunteering here. I love knowing the people in my community- the shoppers like myself, the vendors and farmers, and the wonderful, fun […]


Closed Tuesdays!

Please note the Co-Op is closed Tuesdays! Open all other days 10-8. See you soon!