Free Gastric Anatomy & Physiology Class Aug 19

First class of Digestion Anatomy & Physiology Class Series. A Partnership Production with Citizens’ Co-op and Civic Media Center. Learn the basics of stomach structure and function. Learn how the health of the stomach effects other digestive organs and vice versa. Learn how good stomach function allows for good body health. Visit the Clinic Newsletter […]


Member Appreciation Month Continues

August is ALSO Member Appreciation Month! We are extending our 5% discount* for Members on transactions that are paid with Cash, Checks, or EBT, all month long! In July, members saved a total of $684.27!  We made approximately the same amount of money in July as we did in June,but $4,000 less were paid for in credit/debit transactions. […]

From the Chair – Letter to Members

From the Chair -Letter to Members July 23, 2015Dear Co-op Members, Recently I had the opportunity to spend a good part of a couple days volunteering with counting inventory at our Co-op. I was struck by our  selection of  products – – what we carry and what we do not carry — that sets us […]

Rick Nesbit Headshot

Citizens Co-Op in the Iguana

Article on page 20 of the Gainesville Iguana, July/August 2015 issue. by Citizen’s Co-Op Board of Directors A year after the membership uprising at the Citizen’s Co-Op, and months after a settlement with the fired workers (see Iguana April 2014), the co-op finds itself with a new invigorated board, and an effective manager in Kim […]