Our mission is to help grow a community-based food system through the establishment of a cooperatively-owned food market.

We envision a thriving and vibrant full-service grocery store, owned by and operating for the benefit of our membership and the larger community, whose goal is to:

  • provide a bountiful selection of natural foods and products
  • operate on a Local First policy by prioritizing our purchases from local producers and vendors whenever possible
  • operate the Co-op on a sound a financial basis
  • create a non-hierarchical business model based upon respect, mutuality, and cooperation
  • provide an expanded, dependable, and supportive market for our local producers
  • provide the Co-op staff with living wages and rewarding and satisfying jobs
  • create a distribution network amongst local farms and vendors to move toward regional self-sufficiency
  • operate using environmentally sustainable practices
  • nurture the relationship between people and their food through active community outreach and educational programs including offering workshops and classes focused on food production, preparation, nutrition, and food activism
  • work with local businesses, institutions, and organizations for progressive change
  • be a thriving and vibrant community center
  • To reach out to segments of the community not being served, in particular, low and/or fixed income members of the community