Producers Membership

The Producer membership is a separate membership option designed to benefit our suppliers. Our Producer members receive dividends based on sales of their products in the store as well as specialized services and support.

Producer/Vendor Documents:

  • Producer Information ( pdf )
  • Our Procurement Standards ( pdf )
  • Producer Qualifications ( pdf )
  • Producer Application ( pdf )
  • Vendor Application ( pdf )
  • Producer/Vendor Application – Online

If you have any questions concerning the above information or about becoming a producer for Citizen’s Co-op, please feel free to at any time. James: Produce Manager

Producer members enjoy:

  • Voting right, one vote per share, for Producer Member BOD Representative
  • Opportunity to be involved and organized with other local and regional Co-op Producers
  • Opportunity to have greater control over the market where you sell your food and goods
  • Fair prices for your products
  • Dividends – our way of distributing a portion of the  Co-op’s profits back to our Producers. Dividends are distributed based on your sales in the store. We want to give back to the producers that help make the Co-op a success.
  • Marketing and business development support – we’ll provide in-store displays and specials, sponsor promotional events, and hold workshops designed to support and enhance your businesses’ success.

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