To purchase for an Investment Share please complete two steps, fill out the form on the left and click submit then make your payment using our online payment system on the right or by mailing in a check. NOTE: investments are available to members only on a limited basis and cannot be processed until payment is received.

1. Investment Application

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*Investment Agreement

By clicking accept, I hereby agree to the following rights and responsibilities of an Investor in Citizens Co-op, Inc:

  • Cumulative preferred dividends at a rate of 8% per annum. Investors do not receive a share of Patronage Refunds as an Investor only.
  • You are purchasing non-voting stock, you are not a member-owner of the cooperative unless you separately purchase membership, and you hold no rights in the business operations of the cooperative as an investor only.
  • Stock is non-transferable unless approved by the board
  • Upon liquidation or dissolution of the Company, you shall receive preferred status on asset distribution, in the amount of your total shareholder equity in the company, and any cumulative preferred dividends on account as of the date of liquidation.
  • You shall not try to sway the economic decision of the Company in any way, through your influence as a Member or director on the board, to your own financial benefit as an investor in the Company.
  • Investors are not liable for any debts incurred by the Company, with your potential loss being limited to the amount you chose to invest.

2. Payment

Payment options:

— please send a check to:

Citizens Co-op

—OR use our online payment system below:

Investment Share $500
includes an online paypal fee

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