Employee Membership

The Employee Membership is designed to empower our employees and support their good work. Each member is entitled to a vote to elect the employee representative on the Board of Directors. It also provides an organized forum for employees to contribute to the development of our organization. Dividends are based on a portion of the sales exceeding our department budgets. 

We are not currently filling any job openings at the Co-op, check back again soon!

Employee members enjoy:

  • Voting right, one vote per share, for Worker Member BOD Representative
  • Opportunity to be involved and organized with other staff co-owners regarding worker’s policies 
  • Opportunity to have greater control over the place you work and its operations and procedures
  • Fair living wages 
  • Dividends – our way of distributing a portion of the Co-op’s profits back to our Staff-owners. Dividends are distributed based on sales in the store. 
  • Discounts – Purchase groceries from the Co-op at a deeply discounted rate

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