An exclusive benefit especially for members. As of January 2012, You may purchase a $500 investment share in the Co-op and receive an 4% annual dividend back. Our way of growing from within the community, and rewarding those who help us get started.

Many of our communities, food systems, and diets are malnourished. A limited focus on economic efficiency has brought us low prices and convenience through large supermarkets chains, agribusiness and factory farms, while starving many other aspects of our food lives, like our personal relationships with our food and with the people who produce it. We realize this and want to preserve a food culture based on community values. By investing in your community co-op, you are enabling our citizens to restore the relationship between ourselves and our food and to honor the authentic origins of one of our most basic needs.

Please join us to help build a more sustainable local food system. Make a social investment in your community and local economy today.

Investment Shares carry the following rights:

  • Prosperity – Earn more than a typical savings account and experience the tangible benefits of your investment dollars firsthand. Watch your investment grow in front of you… and shop there too.
  • Security – The Co-op has budgeted for this 4% annual dividend. These are preferred dividends, and will be paid to investors before any membership rebates are issued. In the unlikely event of liquidation of the business, Investors have preferential status to receive a refund of their investment and accumulated dividends before member equity is returned.
  • Community – When you invest in Citizens Co-op, you are investing in people who live in this community; people who are working to preserve and contribute to Gainesville’s unique character. Citizens Co-op is an investment with real value which will provide returns beyond your dividends.
  • Democracy & Equity – Investors do not have any voting rights or power over business operations beyond their one vote as a member-owner of the Co-op. Stock is non-transferable.

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