2010 Board Report

December 31, 2010  |  News

We would like to share the Co-op’s latest successes in our journey toward opening our locally-owned and operated community market. We know that many of you are wondering when that will be…. The short answer is that we have extended the store opening into the Spring of 2011. The long answer is perhaps better explained in the attached 2010 Board Report.

Highlights & Announcements from the Board:
  • The Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to fill the vacant seat on the Board with an amazing addition to our team. Marc Ketchel was the first runner-up in the August board elections and brings valuable business, food product, and entrepreneurial expertise. You can learn more about him and his work on his website.
  • The Board has unanimously voted to retain Co-op Founders Gretchen McIntyre and Elizabeth Nesbit in managerial roles as Admin/Finance Manager and Co-op Development Manager, respectively. Both individuals have removed themselves from the At-Large Seats they held on the Board. Elizabeth Nesbit was elected to serve as the Worker-Member Representative on the Board for the next year.
  • The Board has unanimously voted to change the official incorporated name of the Co-op from Locals’ Food Market, Inc. to Citizens Co-op, Inc. This does not have any impact on our business or legal structure, but allows us to retain our actual operating name for legal documents.
  • The Board has adopted official By-laws, attached here for your review. The by-laws provide clear written policies related to operations, membership, and governance.
  • Our 2010 Board Report highlights many more of the decisions and policies adopted by the Citizens Co-op Board of Directors including an in-depth explanation of the extension of the store opening and our latest fundraising results.

We thank you all for your continued support and participation in growing Gainesville’s Cooperative Market. We look forward to sharing many more successes with you in the New Year!

In cooperation,

Your Board of Directors:
Lauren Groff, Phil Kairalla, Marc Ketchel, Elizabeth Nesbit, Kathy Peck, & James Steele

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