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October 28, 2011  |  News

Update #3: The Gifts of Being Here

Dear FANTASTIC supporters of Citizens Co-op :

We thank you so much for your incredible generosity in aiding the Co-op with its Summer launch of Citizens Co-op, A community owned and operated marketplace here in Gainesville, Fl – offering an abundant array of local, organic, and natural foods at affordable and fair prices.

The store held its GRAND OPENING on July 15th, 2011 to a huge party and welcome response from our local residents.

Our sales and membership levels have continued to grow steadily since July, by about 15% each month now. And the amount of local vendors that we are able to support with steady purchases at fair prices continues to grow as well – over 25 area businesses are supported by this market. We have employed 12 enthusiastic team members who love coming to work at a business they co-own and can help to co-create.

Of course, we have met our fair share of challenges. Let’s call them “learning opportunities” along the way. It’s been a roller coaster these past few months. But we’re still here. We’re breathing. And we are just pickled to have our very own local Co-op in this little corner of the world.

So our HATS OFF! to you, for believing in this vision, for voting with your dollars, and for being a part of this groundbreaking new business model with us.

Your gifts have all arrived safely and in beautiful and tasty condition to the Co-op now. We truly apologize for not facilitating these to you sooner ~ as you may gather from our message above ~ we’ve had our hands very full indeed! Alas, we have made it in time to ship you these gifts before the Holidays, in the hopes that you can enjoy, relish, delight in, and share the treats we have to offer as a humble THANK YOU to you.

In Cooperation, and with the utmost gratitude,

Gretchen McIntyre, Co-Founder, and the ENTIRE Co-op Team

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